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    Kingly Acid (Organic Acidifier Aquatic Formula)

    Treatment of enteritis---Protection of intestinal system, liver, kidney and remedy for enteritis.

    1. Detailed information

    Basic information of Kingly Acid (Organic Acidifier Aquatic Formula)

    Products Name: Kingly Acid

    Ingredients: Lactic acid, Formic acid, Acetic acid, Propionic acid and a variety of short chain fatty acids and their salts.

    Character: Transparent clarifying liquid

    Mode of of Action:

    Mix feed orally:

    1. Treatment of enteritis---Protection of intestinal system, liver, kidney and remedy for enteritis.

    2. Acidifying bait, inhibiting bacteria, and promoting digestion --- Quickly acidifying feed, killing and inhibiting pathogenic microorganisms in feed, rapidly replenishing organic acids, effectively cutting macro-molecular nutrients, and promoting the digestion of nutrients such as protein and fat.

    3. Supplementary nutrition for cells and promoting absorption --- A large number of short-chain carbon skeletons enter the small intestine with feed and are directly absorbed by small intestinal epithelial cells, promoting the regeneration of small intestinal villi, increasing the surface area of the intestine wall, and promoting the rapid absorption of nutrition.

    4. Emergency supply of energy to relieve stress --- Under stress state, TAC cycles producing much-needed energy quickly and alleviating the side effects of stress reaction.

    Adjust water body:

    1. Providing organic and high efficient carbon source----Providing efficient short-chain organic carbon source, rapidly increasing C/N ratio in water environment, effectively inhibit pathogenic and same time to promote large number amount of beneficial bacteria. Adjust bacterial and algal facies/condition to improve the water quality. 

    2. Organic detoxification & gentle regulation of water body quality --- Supplement of citric acid and short-chain fatty acids and effectively relieve algae toxin and some heavy poisoning metal and then improve water quality.

    3. Inhibiting Bacteria, purifying water quality and eliminating biofilm on aquatic animals --- Inhibiting the reproduction of common pathogenic bacteria such as Vibrio in water and preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Removing the slippery biofilm formed by pathogenic bacteria on the surface of aquatic animals, keeping clean, reducing the incidence of infection, and maintaining the water clean and clear.

    Usage and Dosage:

    Fish, shrimp and crab:

    1. (Splash) When the water body stickiness in breeding house: 3-5ml/cubic metre (3-5ppm) splashed in the whole area;

    2. (Splash)Detoxification, regulate the water body and clean the gill: 1000ml : 4-5 area/m (water depth), diluted 300-500 times and splash in the whole area.

    3. (feed intake) Mix feed: 1-2 ml Kingly acid :1kg feeds, regulating intestinal tract, preventing white stool and enteritis and other intestinal diseases .

    Precaution: When splash, do not use metal containers to fill kingly Acid and do its dilution.

    Pack Size: 1L/bottle, 5L/bottle, 25L/bottle (or customized)

    Storage: sealed, in cool and ventilate place.

    Self Life: 24 months.

    Side effect: According to the recommended dosage, there is no side effect.


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