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    JIN-YUAN powder (Probiotics)

    Basic information of JIN-YUAN powder (Probiotics)Products Name: JIN-YUAN powderIngredients: Vitamins, Amino acids, Probiotics, Mico-elements, Electrolytes.Character: Separate packaging

    1. Detailed information

    Basic information of JIN-YUAN powder (Probiotics)

    Products Name: JIN-YUAN powder

    Ingredients: Vitamins, Amino acids, Probiotics, Mico-elements, Electrolytes.

    Character: Separate packaging of vitamins and Mico-elements to prevent vitamins from being destroyed. ( A/B bag) 

    Main Function:  

    1. Quickly supplement the vitamins, micro-elements, amino acids and other nutrients needed by aquatic animals to promote the body growth ;

    2. Strengthen nutrition, improve immunity, reduce disease occurrence;

    3. To alleviate the stress reaction caused by weather changes such as rainstorm, cold waves and typhoons .

    4. Accelerate the body recovery. Avoid bacterial infections.

    5. Nutritional Supplements for microbial needs in water. Promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms inhibit the breeding of harmful bacteria.

    Usage and Dosage:

    General instruction: It can be taken orally mixed with feed or splash the whole pond evenly with water 200-300 times dilution.

    In case of Anti-stress condition: (splash): Before and after the sudden change of weather such as typhoon, rainstorm and cold wave, 100-200g can be splashed for per acre (water depth: 1meter) ( 100-200 g powder mix with 20-30 liter water, splash evenly in the pond. water depth: 1 meter.)

    In case of breeding house (splash): In breeding house( with roofing), 2-4 g evenly splashed for per acre after dilution.

    In case of Nutritional care ( orally intake): Oral (mix feed): 2-4 g mix with 1 kg feed. It can be used continuously for a long time.


    1. It is packed with two bags ( A & B bag). In application, the A/B bags are mixed 1:1 evenly before mix with feeds. 

    2. After opening, pls consume as soon as possible, if it can't be finished up within a day, please tightly seal the bag.

    Pack Size: 1 kg/bag (or customized)

    Storage: sealed, in cool and ventilate place.

    Self Life: 24 months.

    Side Effect: According to the recommended dosage, there is no side effect.

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