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  1. Kingly Acid (Organic Acidifier livestock formula)
  2. Kingly Acid (Organic Acidifier livestock formula)

Kingly Acid (Organic Acidifier livestock formula)

Organic Acidifier livestock formula

  1. Detailed information

Basic information of Kingly Acid (Organic Acidifier for swine)

Products Name: Kingly Acid

Ingredients: Lactic acid, Formic acid, Acetic acid, Propionic acid and a variety of short chain fatty acids and their salts.

Character: Slight blue liquid


Destroy viruses: During the foot-and-mouth disease epidemic, the whole area is sprayed once a day. Put the affected animal in the 1% concentration solution soaking for 10 minutes, 1-2 times a day, continue to use 3-5 days.

During the African porcine plague: Drinking water addition: 0.2%, used continuously.

Weaned piglets:

For piglets, the period after weaning is stress period. During the day, the feed intake of piglets varies greatly. Pathogens in the digestive tract is (e.g. E. coli, Salmonella, etc.) rapidly increased under good growth condition. In time of production/delivery, it will cause a series of problems such as high mortality and stagnation after weaning.

Treatment: Orally: Continuous use of 10-14 days from the day of weaning, followed by 3 days every week. Drinking water addition: 0.1-0.2%. It can be mixed with feed, proportion is as follows:

Mixed with feed:  piglet: 1.5-2Lliter: 1 ton (complete diet feed)

sows and fattening pigs: 1.5Liter : ton  ( complete diet feed)

Growing-finishing pig:

After the end of weaning piglet period, the transition to growth and fattening period need more care and attention. In addition, changing feed during the period is also a stress for pigs. Kingly acid will help pigs go through this period smoothly.

Treatment: Growing and fattening period: Continuous use of Kingly acid by drinking water for 10-14 days. Drinking water proportion: 0.1-0.15%.

In the period of changing feed: Using Kingly acid before and after changing feed period for 7-10 days. Drinking water proportion: 0.1%.

In the later period of fattening pigs, drinking water proportion: 0.05-0.1%, 3times per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).


E. coli from sows not only causes diarrhea in newborn piglets, but also affects milk production. Kingly acid can reduce the number of E. coli in sow feces, thereby reducing E.coli in the environment and reducing diarrhea in newborn piglets.

Treatment: Mixed with feed: 20-25ml Kingly acid : 75-80ml water(1:4~1:5)mix, feed the sow through the feeding tank alone or add it through the drinking water system. 

                    Mixed with water: Drinking water proportion:  0.1%.

Usage period: According to the actual situation, usually 2 weeks after delivering birth.

Pack Size: 1L/bottle, 5L/bottle, 25L/bottle (or customized)

Storage: sealed, in cool and ventilate place.

Self Life: 24 months.

Side Effect: According to the recommended dosage, there is no side effect.

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