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    JIN-ZE granules (Herbal Concentration--Improve immunity)

    Clear heatness, relieving asthma, preventing asthma caused by lung.

    1. Detailed information

    Basic information of JIN-ZE granules (Improve immunity)

    Product Name: JIN-ZE Granule

    Ingredients: Astragalus membranaceus, Herba Epimedii, Ligustrum lucidum

    Character: Yellow-brown granules with sweet taste

    Indication: Nourishing liver and kidney, invigorating qi and consolidation of superficies


    1. Vaccine synergy and immune recruitment: This product can not only significantly improve the antibody titer of the vaccine, but also effectively avoid the loss caused by the immune gap.

    2. Rapid repair of various congenital and acquired immune deficiencies: make up for the lack of antibody level caused by congenital immune deficiencies in chickens; relieve mycotoxin, drug-induced immunosuppression or major epidemic diseases after the low immune function, all kinds of stress-induced body immunity decline, and so on.

    3. Improving production performance and efficiency. This product can significantly improve the fecundity and survival rate, promote growth and development, reduce feed-meat ratio, and improve production efficiency.

    Usage and Dosage:

    Broiler: 1-10 days old, 12,000  feathers use 250g, mix with water or mix with feed; 11-20 days old, 8000  feathers use 250g, mix with water or mix with feed; 5000 feathers use 250g, mix with water or mix with feed.

    Layer: 1g mix with 1L of water for 3-5 days.

    Livestock: 1g mix with 1kg of feed for 5-7 days.

    Specification: 1g this product is equivalent to the original drug 12.g, 1 kg product contains 600 g of Astragalus, 300 grams of Herba Epimedii and 300 grams of Ligustrum lucidum.

    Pack Size: 1kg/bag (or customized)

    Storage: sealed, in cool and ventilate place.

    Self Life: 24 months.

    Side Effect: According to the recommended dosage, there is no side effect.

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