About Us


We are GMP approved high-tech manufacturer.

 Founded in the year of 1998, Yantai Jinhai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a GMP certificated high-tech company in China , which is engaged in producing animal health care products.

We are a fast growing animal nutrition animal feed additives Manufacturer.

Our company have passed veterinary drug GMP authentication by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. Our standard GMP workshop reach to 16000 square meters with more than ten producing lines, our products cover oral solution, powder, granule, premix, tablets, disinfectant, herbal, feed additive.

Our products are well used in Poultry, Farm livestock, Aquaculture, Fur-skin animals.

1.  Poultry: chicken ( broiler, layer, breeder), duck, goose

2.  Farm livestock: pig, dairy cow,

3.  Aquaculture: shrimp, fish, and other species

4.  Fur-skin animals: fox, raccoon dog, marten


Our traditional Chinese herbs has great function in animal diseases prevention and remedy. ( Antibiotics-free)

To guarantee the health of the animals and reduce the medicinal residual, our company have invested 10 millions of dollars to develop and produce traditional Chinese herbs.  Our traditional Chinese herbs are more than 10 kinds now.

Our traditional Chinese medicines are used very well in China, South Asia, South America and Africa, they play an important role to help breeding company and farmers to prevent animal diseases.We have won high reputation and recognition from our customers.


First-class quality and reliable reputation.

Our company respect talents and we firmly carry our mission: "Protect animal health, Improve breeding efficiency, and promote human health and social harmony" .

We strives for the survival by the first-class quality and good faith. Our company focus on intellectual property rights protection and we have successfully applied for eight trademarks, three patents of appearance designs.

Yantai Jinhai Pharmaceutical Company follow the philosophy of “ first-class concept, first-class management, first-class products, first-class service” to our domestic and overseas customers .

Social responsibility for China and the world.

For the world, for the breeding plant, for the hard-working farmers, for our overseas distributors and importers, and also for us, we are here to take on this challenge with enthusiasm to provide to our valued customers excellent products

Let’s work shoulder by shoulder to create brilliant future! 

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